Erectile dysfunction according to Freud

In the first half of XX century, no one came into his head to look for causes of erectile dysfunction somewhere, but in the field of psychology. It was believed that the lack of erection can be caused by childhood trauma, bad experiences with women, a random night of fright, in short, anything, but not physiological disorders. A pioneer in the search for causes of impotence in the depths of the subconscious was, of course, Freud. But, modern sexologists are not grateful to him for such work.

James Morgan: "We are all grateful to Freud for his efforts, but he was an obstacle to the treatment of erectile dysfunction. He sought the reasons for violations only in the field of psychology. Freud proposed only therapeutic treatment. And this is why most men doctors could not help. Now, we have quite effective drugs that can restore lost function, without interfering in the sphere of subtle matter, and psychology".

Today, before starting to treat erectile dysfunction, the physician must understand the main cause of the problem. First of all you have to be tested for testosterone - the main male hormone that determines the presence and power of sustained drive. If its level is OK, the next step will be to survey the state of the vascular system, and in particular - genital blood flow. At this stage you may find that you are vital not only to visit andrologist, but the cardiologist too: erectile dysfunction often coexist with cardiovascular abnormalities. In addition, andrologist may prescribe psychotherapy and, if understand that erectile dysfunction is caused by psychological problems exactly.

As for medications, today, for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, are most often used such drugs: