Medications against impotence (erectile dysfunction)

In this article you will find information on essential medicines for impotence, used to date. The proposed list contains famous and effective remedies against erectile dysfunction, which are already known not only to specialists but thousands of people.

Viagra. Perhaps of all drugs for impotence treatment Viagra holds first place in popularity. That is why in this article we gave first place to Viagra. Viagra promotes occurrence of erection. Viagra can help you with impotence caused by a variety of reasons. Commonly Viagra which can be ordered online in Canada at VGR Canada is available in a pill form. The main active component of Viagra affects blood flow to the penis. At the same time the effectiveness of Viagra is quite high. Viagra is assigned in the absence of an erection. Before the use of Viagra it is desirable to go for reception to the urologist and cardiologist to rule out possible negative effects of the drug on the body. Viagra is used for half an hour or an hour before anticipated intercourse, its effectiveness is observed for approximately four hours.

Cialis. This is a development of two pharmaceutical companies - the answer to the invention of Viagra. Cialis starts its action more quickly and effect can last up to thirty six hours. Cialis is approved for use in Europe and Australia. Cialis can be used in conjunction with alcohol and regardless of meals. Cialis effect on the substance of the male body, which prevent relaxation of the vascular wall. Thus, under the action of this drug blood vessels relax and improve blood flow to the penis. In total, the world held for nearly sixty trials of Cialis, which speak only in its favor. Cialis is not allowed for use in patients younger than eighteen years of age.

Levitra. Unlike the first two drugs, Levitra acts in the case of impotence caused by diabetes. So if you have diabetes, take a look at this drug. When Levitra has been used in an initial dose, in nine out of ten men, it caused normal erections. The effect of using Levitra you will notice within ten minutes after ingestion. And the effect lasts up to twelve hours. Contraindications to the use of Levitra include female gender, and age of sixteen. If you take Levitra for the first time, be prepared for the fact that the drug may cause headache, flares, there may be a cold, the urge to vomit and indigestion.

So, here we have shown three main giants for ED treatment on the pharmaceutical market. What to choose – decide by yourself!